Poppies are profoundly symbolic flowers.


So much meaning behind this! These cherry blossoms. Zee, from Seoul, South Korea, decorates the bodies of girls and boys with delicate, fine line botanical designs.

Flowers, trees, and all components of Mother Nature make the best tattoos for those who wants something fairly subtle.

Tattoos inspired by botanical designs are among the most popular and enduring tattoo designs available.

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Flowers carry deep meaning, trees are full of symbolism, and both bring calmness and prettiness to our bodies. Mar 27, 2016 · Delicate and fresh, botanical tattoos are the nicest. And as you can see from these pictures, the result is certainly unique.

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As you can see, this tattoo is on the larger side and still has a soft and feminine appearance.

5. Tattoos for girls can be in absolutely different styles, but let's not dissemble that nothing can compare in popularity with botanical motifs.

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Crimea-based tattoo artist Pis Saro ( previously) brings plants to life on the surface of her clients’ skin, articulating near photo-realistic images of delicate ferns and flowers that traverse.



In ancient times, people offered red poppies to the dead. Delicate and fresh, botanical tattoos are the nicest. Sep 17, 2019 · Serving the patrons of Anchorage Tattoo Studio (Anchorage, Alaska’s oldest tattoo parlor), Miss Jenn works in lots of botanical motifs, but my favorite of her pieces tends to be the delicate line drawings of fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium).

#1 Pretty Forget Me Nots Tattoo on Leg #2 Gorgeous Magnolia Tattoo on Inner Forearm #3 Beautiful Matching Poppy Flowers #4 Little Violet Flower Tattoo #5 Lovely Pink Peony on Forearm #6 Superb Fern Leaf. We rounded up the best floral tattoo designs from our favorite artists for you to consider. . Lily of the Valley Shoulder Tattoo Artist Credit: _jose_g_p_ If you’re thinking about a location idea for your botanical tattoo, as you can see, the back of the shoulder is a beautiful. Specializing in botanical and nature-themed tattoos, Tara creates custom designs carefully tailored to fit her clients’ bodies with outstanding skill and creativity.


The tattoo idea was born from a simple desire to feel more connected to nature. From tiny little prigs to large-scale, beautifully placed masterpieces (check out that hip piece.

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If you want good, steady line work AVOID freestyle tattoo and sisters inked.